Glider bv provides (Embedded) Linux (Kernel) Development, Consultancy, and Coaching Services.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Driver development
  • Linux kernel mainlining support
  • Embedded Linux contract work

Why Glider bv?

Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in working with the Linux and other Free/Libre Open Source communities, Glider bv is the perfect partner for your projects involving (embedded) Linux (kernel) contract work. We know the subsystems, the maintainers (the faces behind the subsystems), the processes, the code, …

Why Linux?

During the past decades, Linux has evolved from a niche OS to an ubiquitous computing platform, that crushed almost all of its competitors.

The biggest advantage of Linux is its openness: anyone can use Linux, enhance Linux, and contribute to Linux. Unlike with traditional embrace-and-extend software platforms, you are in control of the software you are using or putting in your products.

Why joining Linux?

While you can create your own private fork of Linux, without contributing back, this doesn't let you exploit the full power of Linux. It merely brings you all of the disadvantages of maintaining your own code, and withholds you from most of the advantages of collaborating with the Linux kernel community.

By focussing on collaboration instead of competition, we can work together a common goal, namely the improvement of Linux overall, benefitting all of its users and contributors.

Glider bv is a member of the OIN Community.